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Irish Connection

The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

Irish Connection

The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

Irish Connection

Religion Teacher Matt Cannaday

What is your favorite Cathedral memory? 

Cannaday: Getting hired was great. It was coming off a really rough year. Being selected to give the commencement address in 2021. 


What is something that makes you smile?

Cannaday: My students make me smile. 


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 

Cannaday: Disney World, duh. Countdown is on… I am 28 days away! 


If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

Cannaday: To cure illnesses. Everything from a common cold to a severe disease, I would love to just be able to say “boom, healed.”


If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

Cannaday: I would pay off all of my student loans, and my family’s. Then I would invest the rest in some way. 


Who is your favorite person? Why? 

Cannaday: My favorite person ever is my grandmother. During high school, I spent most of my weekends at her house. She insisted on family dinner every Sunday, she instilled a life of faith and what family should look like. She was hilarious. 


What is your ideal dinner? Why? 

Cannaday: My ideal dinner is probably Mom’s fettuccine and roast beef. Fettuccine Alfredo, crockpot roast beef with gravy, and California blend vegetables. And of course, a roll. Then, topped with butter and garlic.


What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?

Cannaday: My biggest pet peeve is… see attached picture 

What’s a skill that you have that is admirable? 

Cannaday: My ability to listen to people. I try not to talk first, I try to listen first. 


Why Cathedral? 

Cannaday: They took a chance on me when nobody else would. It is a place where we are encouraged to grow relationships with students as a whole, and not just know them as students. 


What do you love about your job? 

The freedom to be myself. I do not feel like I am inauthentic or forcing it, I can still be who I am and still teach what my students need to be taught. I can be more authentic. 


What is the most valuable lesson you have ever learned? 

Cannaday: My senior year Theology teacher in high school said to wake up every day and ask yourself the question “am I wrong? Everything that I have learned since then, especially with Theology, is that humility is the ultimate virtue. It is what we need more of.”


What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Cannaday: Shut up & listen. 


What has teaching religion at Cathedral taught you?

Cannaday: It has taught me that high schools are mission territory, and at the same time there are so many good fruits in high school. 


If you could learn any language, what would it be? 

Cannaday: Latin, only so I could one up Streiff. 


Why are you a Cathedral football coach?

Cannaday: One: I love football. Two: Matt Panzer was like, “hey, you should come coach with us, and I was like okay! We will see what that looks like. It has been that way ever since. To me, it is not really work, it is fun, even though there is a lot of work involved. The coaching staff is awesome. It is great to get to know players, and minister to them in a different way than in the classroom.” 


What are you most passionate about? 

Cannaday: One: Leading students to Heaven. Two: correcting bad music takes/tastes/


What is your “sacred space” on Cathedral campus?

Cannaday: The Chapel. Jesus is there. Also, in 2020 I spent so much time there. We had to record Mass and myself and Father Godecker were the only ones there. 


What is something your friends love about you? 

Cannaday: Humor – I think. I try to approach everything with joy. 


What does your perfect weekend look like? 

Cannaday: A concert on Friday night. Saturday I wake up whenever I want to, watch football and spend time with friends and family. Sunday, go to Mass and spend time with friends and family. To me that’s the perfect weekend, laid back. 

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