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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

Irish Connection

“Servant leaders”

While the class of 2025 goes on retreat but also provides seniors with a similar experience
The retreat group enjoys silence and reflection in the Basilica on the University of Notre Dame’s campus

Cathedral can set itself apart from many schools by being able to pride themselves on putting together retreats for every grade to learn more about their classmates and grow in their faith. 

For me, I got to experience this first hand by having the opportunity to be a leader for the class of 2025’s junior pilgrimage up to South Bend, Indiana, not once but twice. We had the opportunity to visit a very small school that no one really knows about…the University of Notre Dame. 

Retreats, especially through Cathedral, are great opportunities for the students. They allow for examination of conscience and figuring out who are and what you are called to be. On top of this, you get to take your mind off of school during a time that can be very stressful. 

I went on this retreat as a junior and it was a great experience. As a senior however, I would go back immediately if I was asked to lead another one. It is extremely rewarding watching kids in a similar position to you buy in and benefit greatly from this experience.

Senior leader Jonathan Phillips said, “volunteering for a retreat allows you to make an impact on someone younger than you and be a role model in their lives that they can talk to that have had some of the same experiences.”

I was able to see so many kids grow and learn more about their faith and certain details that they did not know before they got there. I was also able to benefit from all these experiences but it was very special getting to experience it from a leader’s perspective. I hold the virtue of leadership close to my heart as it means a lot to be a good leader. Leadership is an admirable trait to have especially as you continue to grow into the next phases of your life. 

This opportunity would be beneficial for all seniors to participate in at least once and experience this sense of leadership. It will give you the opportunity to learn about your faith while also being able to lead these kids who are looking up to you.

Director of Campus Ministry Mr. Dave Neeson said, “the importance of volunteering to lead a a junior retreat as a senior, oftentimes, it reflects both on the person volunteering and you learn so much more when you’re a leader, when you’re giving it, than when you’re receiving it. The students that are right beneath you need to hear and know your experiences. They need to see a leader, somebody stepping up that’s open to it, to break their concerns and their fears. They need to see that somebody’s walked that path and it’s okay for them to go, alright, I wanna walk it too.”

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