The Wizarding World of the Theatre

The Fall play, Puffs, is set to open Nov. 18th with a four-show run.


Allison Pea

The Puffs main set is ready for show time.

The cast and crew for the fall play, Puffs, are gearing up for tech week and the opening of their show. Theater Director, Mrs. Jordan Fox, described the show as “a slapstick comedy that is a total spoof on Harry Potter.”

This is Fox’s second show here at Cathedral with her first being Willy Wonka. The fall play was selected before Fox came to Cathedral. Fox said “(Puffs) was already decided (as the fall play) and (the crews) had already started talking about sets and costumes so I just went with the flow. Plus the kids really seemed to enjoy it.”

While she did not know much about Harry Potter going into it, Fox said that she has spent hours researching the Harry Potter universe and the crew has helped her master the world of Harry Potter. “A couple of the crew members made me a document to give me all the insight,” She said. “(Sophomore) Sammy Moffatt and (Junior) Aline Davis have helped me tremendously. Every time I have a question about what something means, they give me the complete backstory of it.” 

The cast and crew have been working on the show since Oct. 10. The cast, which is made up of twenty-three people, have been rehearsing four days a week after school. Fox said that the person who has surprised her the most throughout rehearsal has been senior Olivia Griffith. “In Wonka, she was just in the ensemble so having one of the three lead roles, she has completely swapped from having that small bit part to owning the stage”

Puffs is two hours with a fifteen minute intermission and will have three showings which are Nov. 18 and Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12, but students and kids under 10 are free. 

“You don’t have to know Harry Potter front, back, up and down to enjoy the show because it’s hilarious. I am most excited to see Harry Potter fans react to the show,” Fox said. “I hope people come out. It’s a riot of a time. There will be surprises and a lot of goofy, fun moments. It is definitely family friendly and everyone can enjoy this show.”