Nearing the End

As we begin to finish up semester one on the hill, seniors reflect on their last few months in high school.


It was a beautiful night on The Hill for students to dance outside during the Homecoming Dance.

The other day, I was sitting in my car with my friend and as we sat there eating ice cream and discussing our personal lives, she turned to me and said, “everyday it feels more real.” I replied, “what feels more real?” She turned to me and simply said, “the end of high school and the beginning of our lives.” 

The thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I suddenly found myself yearning for the days when I was a naive freshman who wanted nothing more than for the next break to come sooner rather than a senior who wanted to turn back the clock. 

Once upon a time (about four years ago), high school was new and exciting but now it almost feels bleak because every day is a reminder that soon I will have to leave behind the life I have always known and venture out into the unknown world alone. 

Seniors typically find themselves in one of two boats throughout their last year. They are either excited for the future or fear it. I always thought that once I reached this point in my life, I would be itching to get out but now I find myself wishing I had more time. More time to be a kid. More time to spend with my friends and family. More time to figure out life. Just more time. 

While the end of my high school career may be approaching sooner than I expected, it’s important that I remember that even though it seems scary, leaving the hill is not the end but simply, the beginning of the rest of my life.