The Results of Homecoming

Homecoming week at Cathedral comes to a close.


Cheerleaders performing during school assembly.

As homecoming week came to an end, we held a school assembly and watched a girls powderpuff game. The game was played by the Powderpuff Girls and the Hoosier Mamas. The game was well fought and lasted about an hour. In the end, the final score was 14-0 to the Powderpuff Girls.

After the Powderpuff game, the school headed inside to celebrate fall sports for seniors, perform the senior dance, and most importantly, unveil the winner of the spirit stick. The ways that students could contribute points are: Hallway decorations, Homecoming dance attendance, money raised for the Cathedral fundraiser, and Homecoming dress-up themes.

In the end, the seniors won the spirit stick and over $300,000 was raised during the Ignite The Irish campaign.

“It was such an incredible atmosphere. It was the perfect end to a great week full of school spirit” said Paul Sheddy, junior class president.