Painting for Points

Senior girls are painting their jeans for spirit points during homecoming week.


Senior Karsyn Kramer ’23 displaying her custom jeans for Homecoming.

As the days grow shorter, the nights grow colder and the leaves begin to fall, Cathedral begins its homecoming festivities. 

Homecoming week is known for football, leprechauns, powderpuff  and of course, spirit week. Each grade level battles to see who will win the coveted spirit stick. One of the main ways students earn points is by dressing up. Senior Karsyn Kramer ‘23 said, “(Homecoming) is about expressing yourself and your creativity.” 

Kramer is expressing her creativity through her jeans. “(A bunch of my friends and I) thought it would be a really cool idea (to paint on our jeans) since we have seen a lot of other schools do something really similar.” 

“(I) texted a lot of the girls in the senior class and told them to get creative with it. My friends and I told people to look up pictures on Pinterest and get to work,” She said. “We thought it would be a good way to unite the grade and have something to remember from our senior year.” 

Seniors, who paint on their pants, will earn spirit points but can earn extra points if they can incorporate the Senior Things theme. The girls are planning to wear their jeans on Friday with their class shirts to showcase their school spirit.

Kramer said, “(I) want this to become a tradition that people can do for years to come because it’s super fun and it’s a great way to win the spirit stick.