Wrestlers to send 13 to New Castle Semistate

Seniors provide leadership, assistant coach says


The seniors have provided leadership to the wrestling team the entire season, according to Assistant Coach Mr. Vincent Corsaro ’14.

The wrestling team is preparing for the Semistate meet on Feb. 12 at New Castle. After a great showing in the Regional meet on Feb. 12 at Pendleton Heights, at which all 13 varsity wrestlers advanced, the team has prepared for the next level. 

The team has depth, with wrestlers from multiple grade levels competing. Seniors Evan Dickey, Zeke Seltzer, Luke Gonzalez, Lane Fowler, Grayson Harvey and J.J. Braun lead the team, and juniors Aden Reyes and Josh Johnson also have experience. Sophomore Jackson Weingart advanced in his first year wrestling at the varsity level. Another sophomore and last year’s fourth-place finisher at the 120-pound level, Dillon Graham, suffered an ankle injury and will be out for the season.

Assistant Coach Mr. Vincent Corsaro ‘14 said he believes that the team has put in good preparation for the Semistate meet. He said, “We had a couple tough practices earlier this week: A lot of conditioning, a lot of hard work. But we’re treating it just like another weekend.”

This conditioning, Corsaro said, will be essential to the team making a run and having a chance at winning State. He said, “We have very good conditioning, and the thing about wrestling that’s different from other sports is that there’s no down time. So when you’re on the mat you’re wrestling for six minutes straight, and every muscle in your body is pushing as hard as it possibly can. It’s a full out sprint from the minute the bell rings.”

Corsaro added, “If we get in the best shape we can be, then we’ll never lose matches because we’re tired.”

After the intense practices early in the week leading up to the Semistate, the team will slow it down leading up to the meet. Corsaro said, “As we get closer we dial it back a little bit with easier practices and focus on technique. But the difference between this week and other weeks is that we started off strong and we’ve been working closely with each kid to make sure they have the best tournament they can.”

One benefit that the team holds heading into this meet is experience. The senior leaders have been in this position before, and they have been guiding the younger, less experienced wrestlers and preparing them for the big stage. 

Corsaro said, “(The seniors) all do the right things every day. You have multiple types of leaders. You have vocal leaders and you have leaders who lead by example. Our seniors this year show up on time. They do everything they have to do so the underclassmen can look at them and say ‘If they’re doing all the right things and they have this success then we can have the same success.'”

These seniors also lead simply by their reputation. Corsaro said, “With kids that have had historically great tournaments, like Evan Dickey and Zeke Seltzer, it shows our younger guys that if you put the work in, you can succeed.” 

The team will count on this leadership and their outstanding conditioning in order to make a run this year and build on last year’s fifth-place finish at State. 

Head Coach Mr. Sean McGinley ’88 did not reply to several emails requesting additional information.