Band is ready for a parade that may not happen

Pride of the Irish looks forward to St. Patrick’s Day


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It is tradition for the Pride of the Irish to march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Downtown Indianapolis.

Along with many other extracurricular activities and sports, the Pride of the Irish band has been affected by the pandemic, with a major change including the potential cancellation of the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Downtown Indianapolis. 

Director of bands Mrs. Kathy McCullough said she and her musicians have had to make many adjustments due to Covid-19. 

McCullough said she has had to overcome the cancelations since the last school year and feels for those in the band who have had to adapt to the many canceled events and practices. Inthe last 11 months, she has counted at least 20 band performances that have been canceled, not including practices.

One event that the band typically attends in normal circumstances is the St, Patrick’s Day parade. But Covid-19 might affect this performance as well. “We’ve registered, I’ve written to the people who are in charge of (the parade) and nobody has answered, so I do not know what is going on,” McCullough said. 

Around this time of year is when the band begins preparation for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. This year’s parade falls on March 12, but as of early February, the event had not yet been officially canceled. 

McCullough said the band will practice for this event, with the hopes of being able to participate. She said, “We are learning the music, so worst case scenario, the freshmen next year will know how to play. Best case scenario, we can play it and rehearse a couple times outside.” The Pride of the Irish has marched in this parade for 25 years, except for the time they were in Ireland and hope to do so again this year. 

Students have also had to adapt to the many changes made to the band this school year. She said she feels especially bad for the seniors, who were juniors when the Covid-19 pandemic started, so there is a possibility neither of their last two years in the band will include the St. Patrick’s Day parade. 

McCullough has rearranged schedules in order to have safe and socially distanced practices. “I feel bad for you guys. I am, as a teacher, doing my best. I have staff that works hard to help. I have a small staff, but they are fantastic.”

McCullough said, “I’m just so proud of (the band members), they have adapted so well.”