Face Off Friday: Which is the Best High School Break?

Now that we’ve made it through the “Big Four” traditional “breaks,” we have to know, which is the best?

Thanksgiving Break – Madison Spiegel

Imagine a holiday where all of your family comes together, it’s the perfect cool weather, eating as much as you can is celebrated, and concluding the night with the most mind blowing nap of your life. Oh wait, there already is. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is dedicated to the simple but profound act of giving thanks. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the blessings and show appreciation for our loved ones, friends, and the good in our lives.

Thanksgiving is also a holiday that brings many people together, whether it be in traveling across state lines to spend time with your family or bonding in the cramped kitchen as you argue about how crisp the turkey should be. Personally it is a rarity that all of my family members are able to come together all at once as they are spread throughout the country, so Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity for all of us to spend quality time with one another. 

Thanksgiving also comes at the perfect time for a relaxing break that is much needed, and also provides a time to get caught up in classes before finals begin. Thanksgiving offers a buffer to catch up on sleep and more importantly food. The food at Thanksgiving is incomparable to any other holiday food, I mean what other holiday is recognized by a turkey? After talking to my mom about this she agreed, “I find Thanksgiving to be one of the best, and most rewarding bonding experiences.” And yes, I crave this holiday, and the food, all year long.

Yes, other holidays have similar qualities but none can compare to the endless benefits that Thanksgiving break offers. It celebrates gratitude, family, food, as well as historical significance. These aspects make it the best holiday, one that I look forward to for the next 365 days after, until I am able to repeat the process.

Christmas Break – Krystal Veguila

I personally believe that Christmas break is the best break compared to spring, summer, or Thanksgiving break. Christmas break is the best because you get to celebrate Christmas and spend time with your family and friends.  

During winter break a lot of friends and family gather together and enjoy the beautiful holidays.  Just think about all the delicious food that you get to eat during Christmas. Many family traditions not only include cooking and eating but also playing games like bingo or twister, building puzzles, and many other more fun activities. Families love to compete with each other.

People love traveling during the holidays and are really excited to see their family members that they only get to see around that time of the year. Some other family traditions include getting matching pajamas, taking family pictures, or making gingerbread houses. Families realize that Christmas is not only about the gifts or the food but it is a truly magical time of the year.

My mom, a high school teacher, said, “My favorite break is winter break. It is always a special break. It closes the 1st semester of the year. Students are usually really excited that they are done with a whole semester.”

During winter break people are usually trying to get prepared for the new year. So winter break helps a lot of people get ready for a fresh start. This is so special because students come really refreshed and ready to change any bad habits that they might have had. Students are also excited about coming back to school with half of the school year completed. That means a new semester is starting with a few classes and schedules changing.

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Spring Break – Avery Stuckey

Shifting from 3rd quarter to 4th quarter can be very stressful which can leave students feeling very overwhelmed and have little motivation while school work seems to continue building up and up. Luckily, Spring Break is placed right in this transitional period giving students the perfect break from all the stress nearing the end of the school year.

During this week people travel all over the globe from mountains to islands just to escape reality for a while and relax. I think this is the perfect time to get away. Spring means things start to warm up and for me warm sunny weather makes everything so much nicer. Spring break is the best break by far. Winter break is full of cold and snow so we are stuck in the cold where it is almost painful to step outside. Lastly, summer break. Although it is the longest break every kid is out of school which makes everything super busy. Also, the weather here is nice so there is no need to travel for nice weather.

Spring break gives us the opportunity to travel to new places with friends and family. My mom always reflects on family time because it is important in our busy lives. “I always enjoy being with my family and being able to travel and relaxing is always great, ” she said.

Spring break is the best because of the many opportunities to travel and the break from a stressful time period in school.

Summer Break – Katherine Nash

Throughout the treacherously long school year, we get few breaks that actually make a difference. Some of our breaks barely even surpass four days, like fall break. This is one of the many reasons why summer break is my favorite break.

One of the most obvious reasons for it being my favorite is the length of the break. A full two months off from school. Two months where we don’t even have to step foot on the Hill. The weather is another reason why summer break is my absolute favorite. There are no flurries of snow, no falling leaves, no brisk weather, and no endless rain.

In summer, the sun is out, and we can get a good tan. Why would you not want summer break when it allows for endless opportunities to relax under the warm summer sun? Summer is also a good time for vacations. Since it is much longer than the other breaks, it allows more time for those who want to spend time exploring other states or countries. 

Julia Morrell, junior class officer, said, “Summer break opens up possibilities and opportunities for students to live their lives, travel, and explore new things. Summer is a freeing experience that lets each student shine.”