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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Hill’s People of The Year 2023-2024

Mr. Cole Hepp and Mrs. Megan Schmidt were awarded the Classroom Educator of the Year and Non-Classroom Educator of the Year, respectively.

May 24th is the last day of classes at Cathedral High School for the 2023-2024 school year, but educators celebrated one day early with an End of the Year Educator Celebration. Every staff member headed down to the SLC for some drinks, some food, and some conversation. There was joy for Br. Matt Rehagen winning the spirit wear of the day contest with his too accurate resemblance of Abraham Lincoln. Some even enjoyed a few laughs playing Euchre, even at the expense of Latin Teacher, Mr. John Streiff, whose Euchre reputation as the “partner that nobody wants” follows him wherever he goes.

The End of the Year Celebration is just that, a celebration. There isn’t a lot of business talk allowed during the gathering, but a few things had to be checked off of the agenda. First of all, President Dr. Rob Bridges and Principal Mrs. Julie Barthel needed to thank and recognize the educators that are leaving Cathedral at the end of this year.

Cathedral’s departing teachers pose for a final time together before they leave the Hill for the last time on May 24th. Some are moving away from Indiana, some are retiring, and some are spending more time with families, while all will be missed.

Sarah Rashid (1 year), Lee Larkins (2 years), Megan Howell (2 years), Lainey Adams (3 years), Meg Ahnert (3 years), Ria Pereira (7 years), Christine Koers (9 years), Jennifer Alexander (10 years), Kathy Darnell (18 years), and Rich Shadiow (20 years) are all leaving the Hill after the 2023-2024 school year. Make sure to thank them for everything they have done!

Finally, it was time for the two big awards of the year.

The Blessed Basil Moreau Award and the St. Brother André Bessette Award.

I love Cathedral and I love supporting our faculty, staff and students!  I am so very blessed.

— Megan Schmidt

The winners were announced and, based on the standing ovation that they both received, were well deserved for their contributions to Cathedral during the 2023-2024 school year.

Julie Barthel, Cole Hepp, with his award, and Dr. Rob Bridges at the End of the Year Educator Celebration. Cole is not only a Religion teacher, but also the St. André Project Coordinator, Freshman Experience Co-Director, Assistant Tennis Coach, and helped lead the Junior Spes Unica Pilgrimage.

Religion Educator, Mr. Cole Hepp was awarded the Blessed Father Basil Moreau Award. This award was created to recognize Cathedral faculty who excel in the classroom. This person must demonstrate leadership and service to the Cathedral family and to the community. Most notably, this person incorporates Cathedral’s Core Values in their daily attitudes and behaviors. If you have had Cole Hepp, or know anything about him, he lives out the traits that the Blessed Father Basil Moreau Award stands for.

Mrs. Barthel is not surprised by Cole Hepp winning the award as she believes he has been an amazing educator from his first day on the Hill. She said, “He has made an impact on our school in such a short time like no other. In his four years he has worked retreats, coached tennis, created the amazing Saint André service project, helped create the junior pilgrimage to South Bend visiting Holy Cross College, St. Mary’s College and Notre Dame. He also serves as the leader of our peer ministry program all while still being an engaging classroom educator. A student once told me that Mr. Hepp was the best religion teacher they had ever had because he helped them think about their faith and growing closer to Jesus on a daily basis.”

Hepp, who is finishing up his fourth year at Cathedral, said, “I love working at Cathedral because of the mission, the people, and the opportunity to follow my passions. As I drive up the Hill each day, I am often reminded of the meaningful relationships formed and the faith that is shared within the Cathedral family. I am thankful for the last four years of working here and very honored to receive the Bl. Basil Moreau Award.”

The Saint Brother André Bessette Award was given to someone who also has an attitude and behavior that incorporates Cathedral’s Core values into their every day lives. This award specifically is given to someone who displays consistent effort, generous service to others, involvement in student activities, and a demonstration of Christian Values. Somebody must be polite, positive, and helpful to win this award. If that does not describe Mrs. Megan Schmidt to a T, then you need to reread the award description.

Receiving this award is a reminder of what a great blessing and joy it is to be working at Cathedral!

— Cole Hepp

Mr. Mark Matthews, Cathedral’s Vice Principal of Academics, works very closely with Megan Schmidt and said, “We are blessed that there are many deserving educators at Cathedral High School when considering the St. Brother André Bessette Award. None are more deserving, however, than Mrs. Megan Schmidt. Not only does she do excellent work to support Academic Affairs, but she goes out of the way to help everyone at Cathedral.”

Megan Schmidt smiles with Julie Barthel and Dr. Rob Bridges as she accepts her award. Mr. Mark Matthews said of the Freshman Experience Co-Director and Academic Administrative Assistant, “Just as Brother André did the simple tasks of opening doors and cutting hair at St. Joseph’s Oratory, Megan never says no when someone at Cathedral needs a helping hand.”

Megan Schmidt wears a few hats at Cathedral, which is why many voted for her to receive the award. Some of those roles are the Academic Affairs Assistant, Freshman Experience Co-Director, Track & Field Assistant Coach – High Jump, Freshman Class Officer Co-Moderator, she operates the logistics for many of the systems and signups including J-Term and Powerschool, Amazon orders, and more. She also works on Lughnasa, Freshman Retreat, and the Peer Ministry program with fellow winner Cole Hepp and with Religion Teacher, Cece Kasberg.

After seven years at Cathedral, her love for the students and community has never wavered for a second. She said, “I am extremely honored to be considered by my colleagues as someone worthy of this award.  I am so thankful others felt I represent the behaviors associated with this award – I strive to be helpful, supportive and bring a positive attitude to everything I do.  I hope others see God and His Light through my actions and words.  This award means so much to me because it means I have exemplified Saint Brother André Bessette just by being me!”

It has been an amazing year for Cathedral High School, and while it is always bittersweet with the year ending, the graduates leaving, and inevitable changes that come with every ending school year, the Hill will always be a special place because of the educators and people that represent the school so well.
Dr. Bridges knows special people when he sees them, “It is with great intentionality that we seek to hire and retain Educators who have and share joy, zeal and kindness. If you look around our school, you see loving and caring adults everywhere! The precious relationships formed between our students and Educators is what allows us to hold high standards in and out of the classroom. I firmly believe that when young people know that their teachers and coaches love them, they will work hard and achieve greatness. This combination of love and hard work is modeled for us by St. Br. André Bessette and Bl. Fr. Basil Moreau. “
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