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Face Off Friday: Senior Finals

Avery Stuckey ’24 and Kate Moriarty ’24 discuss Senior Finals

Avery Stuckey – No 2nd Semester Finals is great

Senioritis. There is often an outbreak of this disease every year for high school seniors as the school year comes to an end. Scientists are not quite sure why this happens, but they do know that not giving seniors finals during the second semester is the only thing that can bring some relief to those with this illness. 

Finals are put into place to make sure that teachers are teaching all their criteria as well as making sure the students are retaining the information they are teaching. While these tests are very lengthy and exhausting, they are important to assess teachers and students. 

After having taken finals every semester while on the Hill, it is a known fact (that many people look forward to) that seniors who have an A in their classes for the second semester do not have to take the final exam. 

First semester is still important for seniors to dial in on school while coming up to the last months of high school to show their attentiveness in class. However, not having a final second semester can help drag out those last drops of motivation when the Senioritis has fully set in so give the seniors a goal to work towards. Senior Andrew Hernandez said, “not having finals in the second semester gives the seniors something to work towards so they don’t check out too early.”

Overall, I understand the importance of taking finals even during the first semester but when it comes to the end of the year, the seniors who have put in the work deserve to be rewarded for their work and good grades by not having second semester finals. 

Kate Moriarty – No Finals at All Senior Year

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At the beginning of senior year, there is college decision making and other stressors with it being the last year in high school. Seniors are wanting to enjoy their last year as a community with the different sporting events, their own activities, and want to enjoy time with their friends as they are about to separate into the next chapter of their lives.

At the beginning of the year seniors are going to college visits, getting in touch with college recruiters, they are already starting the transformation of becoming a college student. There is a lot going on in their minds; through the realization that it’s the last year for them to have a good time and appreciate high school and having their mind be full of college, college, college.

So, why add one more stress for them with finals. Students are already working hard enough in their classes, in their sports and activities, other responsibilities and priorities outside of school.

Senior, Arin Keough said, “If you are able to keep up a decent grade for the semester, then that’s all that should matter.” It’s also right before Christmas break. A lot of families will go on trips and seniors are excited knowing that after that break they will almost be done with high school academics, houses are already decorated, why ruin the Christmas vibes with knowing finals are coming up and having to study for big tests that are loaded with information that most of the seniors won’t be taking in college and using after graduation?

The fact is that they had both semesters the previous years and I have heard teacher’s opinions on it since the beginning of this school year.  Some of them agree with us. Why change it? What’s the harm in not making it mandatory to take finals both semesters, if you have an A.

We want to take this last school year as a no stress zone and a fun last year, not a year filled with worrying about grades. Cathedral is still offering this option for second semester, so why not go ahead and keep both semesters?

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Catherine Moriarty
Catherine Moriarty, Reporter
Kate is a senior and a reporter for Irish Connection
Avery Stuckey 
Avery Stuckey , Managing Editor
Avery Stuckey is a senior and managing editor on the Megaphone staff. She has been on the staff since she was a freshman. She enjoys playing golf as well as hanging out with her friends and family. She lives in Noblesville with her parents, two brothers and two dogs, Penny and Piper.

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