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Face Off Friday: Senior Changes

Three members of the class of 2024 explain one change they would make on the Hill for the senior class

Celia Miles – Dress Down Day

Everyone knows Cathedral is full of rules like wearing a uniform, wearing a lanyard, having a parking pass, or putting your phone in jail. One rule that should be added to that long list is the ability for seniors to dress down on Friday’s.

Being a senior is hard from filling out college applications, deciding on college, graduation, and leading the school. With all that stress seniors deserve something special that separates them from the rest of the school. People may argue that seniors already have enough privileges like having their own parking lot, not having to take finals or  getting to wear college shirts and sweatshirts but being able to dress down one day a week is something that is different than anything that’s ever been allowed.

Being able to dress down is something that only the seniors can do unlike having a specific parking lot that not everyone can use and other grades take advantage of. By implementing this rule it gives all students of all grades something to look forward to their senior year. It could even be implemented by saying you are only allowed to dress down if you have certain grades to encourage seniors to stay motivated the same way if you want to not take finals you have to maintain all A’s.

Senior Finlay Russell said, “Seniors should be able to dress down on Fridays because in just a short few months they will be off to college, with no uniform requirement.”

Caroline Drew – Seniors Leave For Lunch

Seniors, generally between the age of 17-18. Old enough to drive a vehicle, make decisions on their own, and vote for the country. Why not leave campus during lunch? As strides are made towards college, there are also steps taken towards independence. Majority of high schools in the Indianapolis area allow students to leave campus during lunch or during a break. Why not us? 

Leaving campus during lunch or resource gives an opportunity for added independence into students’ lives. Whether it is taking a brain break to go grab lunch with friends, or scheduling a tutoring session during resource to lighten the load of after school extracurriculars. 

This will also provide students with a schedule similar to college and the work world. It forces students to prioritize time management by making sure they are back on time for class. This idea fosters a growth opportunity to have time in their day to themselves in a different place. It also allows students to schedule appointments during lunch or break and not get as many absences. 

Although our cafeteria offers a wide variety of foods, sometimes students prefer to grab lunch from a restaurant or go make their own lunch at home. If a student needs to take their lunch period to work on an assignment it is often difficult. The cafeteria is loud and busy. Working upstairs in the Mary lounge or in a classroom is helpful but oftentimes students are working quickly to get it done and go join their friends in the cafeteria. If students were allowed to leave campus it would be an easy way for silence and redirection to focus on what is necessary. 

A break from the busy classrooms and campus in the middle of your day has proven to be very beneficial for other schools. If other schools in our area have had success with it, it would be easy for us to make it work too.

Katherine Nash – Roller Skating Waitresses

When poised with the question of what to add to the Hill, only one thought comes to mind. Roller skates.

Now you may wonder why I want to add roller skates to Cathedral, ultimately it is a simple, yet brilliant, reason. I want to add roller skating waitresses to the dining hall. There are a plethora of reasons as to why this would be beneficial to Cathedral. 

First off, it would create a more positive environment. This would ultimately create a sense of community that students and staff could bond over. In fact, senior Caroline Schilling said, “I think that this could be an interesting addition to Cathedral. It certainly would add character.”

Secondly, it would allow the students to view various examples of the fast food industry. This is very important because as a college prep school, we owe it to our students to demonstrate different models of the food industry in order for our students to be better informed when entering college.

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In addition, on the Hill, we have a coffee shop, which is a normal and streamlined example of a type of food service. If we implement these roller skating waitresses, students could get the best of both worlds, and ultimately be better informed. Additionally, there are prime examples that adding roller skates on waitresses can be a part of a successful business. For example, Sonic has waitresses on roller skates and it is a company that is successful nationally. In fact, they have 3,525 franchises around the nation. This could ultimately lead to more money being spent just because of the amusement it brings to students and staff alike.

In the end, there are no negatives to having roller skating waitresses at Cathedral, all it presents is an opportunity to further educate our students, increase the money going into Cathedral, and ultimately cultivating a positive environment.

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About the Contributors
Celia Miles
Celia Miles, Photographer and Reporter
Celia Miles is in the class of 2024. She has been on the cathedral staff for 2 years. She enjoys golfing and playing tennis. She loves to travel and her favorite vacation has been Colorado to ski. She also enjoys listening to music and her favorite artist is zach Bryan and drake.
Caroline Drew
Caroline Drew, Reporter
Caroline Drew is a senior and reporter for the Irish connection and the Megaphone. She enjoys playing tennis, going on walks, and hanging out with friends. She is a triplet with one sister at Cathedral and a brother at Brebeuf.
Katherine Nash
Katherine Nash, Reporter
Katherine Nash is a senior and a reporter for the Megaphone. She has been on the staff since her junior year. She lives in Fishers with her parents and dog, Lulu. Her brother attends University of Kentucky, and her sister attends Xavier University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

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  • K

    Kimberly CarverMar 8, 2024 at 8:19 AM

    What will we do next year without Katherine Nash and her scathing, yet entertaining wit?! You have brought a smile to my face every time I read one of your articles!