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The Problem with Our Parking Lots

The dreaded school parking lots could become less dreadful with one simple change.
Students parked in junior lot, no open spot to be seen. At the end of the day, cars are directed down the Hill by a traffic director each day to lessen traffic issues in parking lots. Mrs. Hovanec said “I really think it’s time to look at some solutions. We have been doing the same thing for quite some time and it seems like it doesn’t work. Why don’t we try some things?”

I think I may have found a place that I would consider worse than the Great Wolf Lodge. That would have to be the Cathedral parking lots. I can confidently say that I would rather spend time at the Lodge than any of the Cathedral parking lots. There is no place worse than junior lot on a crisp Friday afternoon at 3:15 p.m.

There have always been problems with our parking lots. Perhaps this issue is the result of a lack of controlling the parking passes that are distributed. During a random week in the summer, juniors and seniors are sent an email with a google form attached which serves as the application for a parking pass. The first seniors to respond to this form are offered the very few senior lot spots. Then following these applicants are the influx of junior lot spots offered. I understand this method, but perhaps there are possible changes that can be made.

The problem with senior lot is that when it fills up (rather quickly) everyday, then the overflow must park in junior lot. But if I am guaranteed a senior lot pass because of my application time, why am I not guaranteed a spot everyday when I arrive to the Hill. 

For instance, a student with a senior lot pass has an appointment before school but arrives at school before our start time of 8:40 a.m. and upon arrival, there are no spots in senior lot. That student then has to make their way up and down the aisles of junior lot, but are not promised a spot there either. In this case, the passes are not the problem, the students are. I guarantee you if I walked out to either lot, there would at least be a dozen students parked in the wrong lot. In this case, the students parked incorrectly should be the people facing consequences. Perhaps a ticket or a call to parents would solve this issue. 

The only students permitted to park on campus are juniors and seniors, however, there are a few sophomores that park on campus, despite this rule. Once again, a ticket or a call should be enough to remove this problem. 

I have a large proposal… but does not require a large amount of work. I believe that if our parking spaces had numbers the issue with parking would be lessened. Simply, the number on your parking pass correlates with a spot number, and the student is guaranteed a spot regardless of their arrival time to school. Similar to the method now, the first to respond to the form get the first “better” spots and so on. This would work in both lots and would also allow staff to have a spot as well, not in senior lot. Students should not be worried during the school day about getting a ticket… a number on a spot would prevent this worry.

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Caroline Schilling 
Caroline Schilling , Executive Editor
Caroline Schilling is the Megaphone Executive Editor and a Cathedran photographer. She has been on Megaphone staff since her freshman year. Caroline is a member of the Class of 2024. Also at Cathedral, she is a girls basketball manager and is heavily involved in KassieKares.

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  • K

    KAREN AGNEW HOVANECFeb 7, 2024 at 12:06 PM

    That opening sentence sent me!!

  • G

    GivenFeb 6, 2024 at 12:45 PM

    Truly insightful and fully factual.