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Face Off Friday: Taylor Swift Ruining the NFL?

Football fans and Swifties, it’s a love story?

Daniel Kent – Taylor Swift & NFL: A Winning Combo?

Let me begin with this disclaimer (for the Swifties): I do not like or dislike Taylor Swift. I am also not an avid football fan. However, as the Super Bowl nears and the games become more exciting, I’ve tuned in to a couple games here and there. Along with the players on the field, the cameras have also been pointing to Taylor Swift at an astronomical rate. This is of course due to the ever developing Love Story between Swift and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. While their budding romance may be fit for the front page of magazines, I believe that the obsessive showcasing of Swift at these games has simply gotten out of hand.

While many fans are Enchanted when they see Swift on their screen, I am not. This obsession with the superstar highlights how overzealous fans have become invasive and more than just fans. Her attendance at games undoubtedly boosts television ratings, but panning to her suite every time Kelce makes a play is unnecessary.

Perhaps Senior Julia Hurley put it best saying, “If I wanted to watch Taylor Swift, I’d go see the Eras Tour movie. I’m here to watch a football game.” To be clear, I don’t want any Bad Blood with the Swifties; I merely think that this idolization of the singer and her relationship is too much.

At other sporting events with celebrities in attendance, they are shown once or twice or maybe not at all. I believe the same treatment should be given to Swift, and I think she would appreciate the privacy. The increased attention on the star has almost become comical because it is so predictable. 

I do not have any problem at all with Swift attending games, and I do not blame her for being shown on TV. My problem is with the broadcasters who choose to show her and the crazed fans who explode with excitement when they see her. She’s there to watch a game—leave her alone and let her watch in peace! As previously mentioned, this situation highlights how idolization of celebrities has gotten out of control with the delusion of social media. 

Before the games start, X is full of users asking, “How long till they show Taylor Swift?” Never in my Wildest Dreams did I think the announcers would compare the stats of a sports team when a celebrity is present to when they are not. However, at seemingly every Chief’s game with Swift in attendance, they do in fact compare their stats when Swift is present versus when she is not. After the games, social media is flooded with commentary about her celebrations. All in all, the continued attention is excessive and overhyped. 

While the NFL and Taylor Swift might be a winning combo for TV ratings, I believe there would not be a Blank Space in entertainment value if she were not shown.

Caroline Schilling – Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, A True Love Story

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NFL And Taylor Swift


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Well known Kansas City Chiefs player has skyrocketed in fame after the announcement that he and Taylor Swift are dating. Following this came Taylor’s attendance at his games, and him at her concerts. This has NFL fans furious, as she has become the camera’s center of attention at his games. After any play or announcement, Taylor will often follow. She and fellow NFL wife Brittany Mahomes are seen on many occasions cheering on their significant other during their games. While some may say that she has taken over the camera footage and fame of the Chiefs games, I do not believe this is the case. 

My question is, why are we angry that Taylor is simply showing up to a NFL game to support her boyfriend? I think it is safe to say that any celebrity with a following like hers would also come with the same amount of camera footage and attention that she receives. It is not Taylor’s fault that where she goes, a camera follows. This is the case anywhere she goes, she is constantly followed by paparazzi and attention, as are other celebrities. If we never got mad at Brittany for showing up, then why can people place such judgment onto Taylor and her attendance? Paparazzi is everywhere, I mean everywhere. So why is it such a big deal that the cameramen show a ten second clip of Taylor in the suites? The thing is, it isn’t. These angry watchers need to calm down and accept that she is not there to cause harm, but rather to show support to her boyfriend’s team. 

The amount of footage of Taylor shown has been exaggerated by many viewers. She is typically seen on live footage around three times for about ten seconds. For the hours of NFL broadcasting, this is simply not an issue. Honestly, it is smart of the broadcasters because they know Taylor’s fans will support her and watch something they know she is involved with. This is a smart choice because the amount of viewers on NFL games has skyrocketed since she has been attending Kelce’s games. To me, this is better than revenge for her past boyfriends and issues. 

Personally, I have been more inclined to watch football since I know she is there. I never thought that I would turn on a Chiefs game, but I can confirm that I have watched many. From watching them with my family to watching it randomly on an airplane, I truly see no problem with the camera attention that Taylor gets. Let me also add, I really do not understand football. From watching the Chiefs to other teams, I have been able to grow my understanding of the sport, all while also being able to see Taylor Swift. 

Swiftie Mrs. Karen Hovanec said “I don’t understand what the problem is. How could someone going to a football game be such a bad thing? She’s bringing people to the sport who’ve never paid any attention to the sport. Nobody needs to be gatekeeping the NFL”

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Daniel Kent
Daniel Kent, Managing Editor
Daniel Kent is a senior and Managing Editor for the Irish Connection Media Network and the Megaphone and has been on staff since his sophomore year. He lives in Indianapolis with his parents, and his three siblings are graduates of Cathedral High School. He is a Captain of the Speech and Debate Team, Co-President of the Hiking Club and member of many other clubs. He enjoys baking in his free time and going to the movies with friends.
Caroline Schilling 
Caroline Schilling , Executive Editor
Caroline Schilling is the Megaphone Executive Editor and a Cathedran photographer. She has been on Megaphone staff since her freshman year. Caroline is a member of the Class of 2024. Also at Cathedral, she is a girls basketball manager and is heavily involved in KassieKares.

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