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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

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The Student News Site of Cathedral High School | Indianapolis, Indiana

Irish Connection

A Brew-tiful Menu

New suppliers offer infinite menu possibilities, what sounds best?
Students wait in line at the Johnny Mac’s Coffeehouse for a fresh menu. Open Days 1 and 4 of the schedule.

There are two guarantees in the world, death and taxes. Thankfully the Johnny Mac Coffee shop is not included in these guarantees due to an ever changing menu. In order to keep things fresh, the brains behind this operation keeps the menu up to date with seasons, and students’ interests. 

The most recent menu change was of course the Chug Jug added as a result of the new Fortnite season and map. That got students wondering… what’s next? I took it upon myself to see what some common themes were in aspirations of future items.

Apple fritter/Donuts: With sometimes subpar breakfast food being served at the dining hall, students are itching for new flavors on their day 1 and 4. A delicious apple fritter would be perfect for the cinnamon apple cravings of November, and donuts allow for topping and customization throughout the year.

Smoothies: The Chug Jug got people hyped up for some more icy beverages. A cool and healthy fruit smoothie would make a great addition. Allowing for students to customize their fruits and mix-ins. In addition these could evolve into protein smoothies which would be perfect for those taking weights in the early morning.

Cake pop: It’s no doubt that the cake pop phenomenon is largely influenced by big chain coffee shops. So why not add one here. A wonderful sweet treat for after lunch! Cake pops have the ability to change with the seasons offering new additions each month. Some students would love to see Christmas themed cake pops in the upcoming month.

Eggnog extravaganza: With the Christmas season on the rise, students are craving this creamy decadent beverage. Some are asking for a true introduction to the Holiday season, and Eggnog is perfect for that. 

“The menu is really all up to the students.” Mr. Kurt Freytag said, “they bring me the recipes and I’ll order the goods.” And now with a change in suppliers, the coffee house has even more access to new items!

So which one would you like to see? A sweet and creamy treat, a chilled fruity drink? Or perhaps some tasty treats?


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