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Face Off: Playing at Chatard’s Field

Luke Spencer – Bad Memories

This Friday the football team will begin its playoff run against North Central in what was supposed to be a home game. Instead, the game will be played at Bishop Chatard. The team’s usual home field, Arlington, is not available and the team has not played there since this year’s Chatard game, and that was only for the first half. 

Playing at Chatard could bring up some bad memories for some players, as earlier this year the team had to finish a game versus the Trojans there on Saturday morning after the lights cut out at Arlington. Personally, I would rather play anywhere else, including North Central, which would make it a home game for the Panthers. However, North Central has already started construction on their field, so games can’t be played there. 

All that being said, Cathedral has been put in a tough situation here. It’s obvious that we can no longer play at Arlington without it being renovated, which means we need to find an alternate site to play. A field exclusive to Cathedral would be a dream scenario, but that idea is not very feasible, as there is no room on campus for a stadium.

Senior and cornerback Max Lindner said, “(A new stadium) would feel more like our own instead of using someone else’s.”

It will be interesting to see what the program finds as a solution to this problem next year. In the past, the team has played home games at Arsenal Tech, but, due to a recent sinkhole found beneath the field, games can no longer be played there. Eventually, we will probably need to partner with another area high school to play home games. Some ideas suggested have been Carmel, North Central (after construction), and Chatard. A college stadium, like Butler, Marion or UIndy, would be perfect, but would also be costly. It will be interesting to see what happens with the situation in the future.

Joseph Crisp – The Field is Fine

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This week, Cathedral is set to play North Central at Chatard High School’s Alumni Field. There have been so many mixed opinions about playing at one of our rivals home fields for the playoffs. Wide Receiver Patrick Crisp wasn’t entirely excited about the situation. “Personally, playing a playoff game with Chatard as our home stadium is pretty weird but we need to have the mindset going into Friday of it just being another must win game.” 

Many people view using Chatard’s stadium as a bad thing, but I think using Chatard’s stadium has way more pros than it does cons.

For starters, having a good field with working lights is a major upgrade from Arlington Stadium. I think that head Coach Bill Peebles will tell the guys to remember that it doesn’t matter where they play their game, the only thing that matters is defeating North central.

Even though it isn’t ideal to be playing at Chatard, Alumni Stadium is a great place to play football. They have a great field with plenty of seats for the best high school fan base in the state. I have no doubt that the Irish students, Alumni, and fans will make it seem like every bit of a home game at Arlington.

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Luke Spencer
Luke Spencer, Executive Editor, Sports Editor
Luke Spencer is a senior in his fourth year on the Irish Connection staff. He serves as the sports editor and executive editor. Luke plays on the varsity football and baseball teams. He lives in Carmel with his parents, his three sisters and his dog.
Joseph Crisp
Joseph Crisp, Reporter

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