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GameDay Picks (Episode 7)

Due to Fall Break, Luke Spencer and Roch Egan put their words to paper for Week 7 of the NFL season

Luke Spencer – 55-38 total

Last week: 11-4

Saints over Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence may not play this week, and the Saints defense will take advantage.

Raiders over Bears: Justin Fields likely will not play, so it should be an easy win for the Raiders.

Browns over Colts: Anthony Richardson is now out for the season; Browns coming off of a big win over Philadelphia.

Patriots over Bills: No better week for the Patriots to bounce back; Bills almost lost to the Giants last week

Giants over Commanders: Tyrod Taylor looked good and almost led the Giants to beat the Bills; Giants are due for a win.

Falcons over Buccaneers: Baker Mayfield is questionable and the Falcons have a good offense this year

Ravens over Lions: Detroit is rolling right now, but RB David Montgomery is hurt, and so is backup Jahmyr Gibbs

Rams over Steelers: Rams offense is one of the best in the league; should be an easy win for them

Seahawks over Cardinals: Cardinals are 1-5; this game shouldn’t be close

Broncos over Packers: Broncos are better than their record shows, and they will upset the Packers

Chiefs over Chargers: This could be close, but I think this Chiefs offense will edge out the Chargers

Eagles over Dolphins: Matchup of the week; This Eagles team is more well-rounded, so I think they will pull away late. 

49ers over Vikings: Tough loss last week for San Francisco, but I think they will bounce back Monday night. 

Roch Egan – 45-48 Total

Last Week: 7-8

  • Jaguars v Saints
    • Yes the Jags currently have a better record but they beat the Colts last week… Not impressive. Also the Saints have the sixth best defense in the league compared to the Jaguars down at 23rd. 
  • Raiders v Bears
    • This game worries me. Yes the Bears suck, but when you look at the matchups… Garoppolo has thrown more Interceptions than Touchdowns this year, and the Bears already have 2 fumble recoveries and three interceptions.
  • Browns v Colts
    • I really think this will be a good game. They have similar records and with Richardson out for the season (unbelievable…) the Colts need to make an adjustment which I think they can do.
  • Bills v Patriots
    • Josh Allen has 1576 yards for 13 touchdowns against the Patriots 13th ranked defense in the league, this game shouldn’t be close. I’m calling Scorgami because it might break the scoring record.
  • Commanders v Giants
    • The Giants have been a bit of an upset all season, but after last week’s game I think they have a shot at taking down the Commanders this week.
  • Falcons v Buccaneers
    • This is looking like another close match. I’m predicting a low scoring game, this is the 5th ranked defense against the 3rd ranked defense, however the Bucs just don’t have the offense to win it.
  • Lions v Ravens
    • Look, the Lions have been a powerhouse this season. I see no comparison in Jackson and Goff. Goff is far better and has the receivers to make a difference. The Ravens do have a good defense, but I don’t think that will win them the game this week.
  • Steelers v Rams
    • I am not looking forward to this game. The Steelers have upset me multiple times this season and I’m ready to move on from this toxic relationship.
  • Cardinals v Seahawks
    • I really haven’t been impressed with the cardinals so far this year and with them on the road against this seahawks
  • Packers v Broncos
    • The Broncos are 0-3 at home. Packers are coming off their bye week, the spread is -1 for the packers I don’t think it’ll be that close.
  • Chargers v Chiefs
    • I watched the Chargers Monday night and I thought they looked good, but the 5-1 Chiefs whose only loss came against the Lions… that’s a team to be scared of.
  • Dolphins v Eagles
    • I think this will be an incredibly close game. I played an exhibition game on retro bowl yesterday and the Dolphins won so that’s who I’m going with. Sunday night is the perfect time for this game and I can’t wait to see this one unfold.
  • 49ers v Vikings
    • It makes me nervous about the 49ers losing last week, and two star players questionable, but the vikings are 0-3 at home so far this year and I don’t think this is the game that will change that.
  • Six teams on bye this week: Bengals, Cowboys Titans, Jets, Panthers, and Texans. I think the Cowboys need this after last week, and will come back at home against the Rams.
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Luke Spencer
Luke Spencer, Executive Editor, Sports Editor
Luke Spencer is a senior in his fourth year on the Irish Connection staff. He serves as the sports editor and executive editor. Luke plays on the varsity football and baseball teams. He lives in Carmel with his parents, his three sisters and his dog.
Roch Egan
Roch Egan, Reporter

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