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Face Off Friday: NCAA vs NFL

NFL – Roch Egan

Imagine being admired by thousands of people after putting in years of hard work in practice, film, and team bonding, and you don’t get paid. Sadly this is the life of many college students who partake in sports, especially football. With America’s favorite season right around the corner, sports fans like myself are forced to ask one question, NFL or NCAA?

As a former football player and avid fan of the NFL, there is nothing like a group of friends and family huddling together around a TV watching the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl party phenomenon brings in nearly $14 billion each year to retail stores just for the weekend, resulting in massive parties. Something you certainly don’t see for the college championship.

“I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire NCAA college championship football game.”

Mr. Marc Quaranta, self-proclaimed fanatic said “They are just too late.” With a kickoff time of nearly two hours later than the Super Bowl, this makes it difficult to watch an entire College Championship. Not even including how boring the past few games have been. Although Mr. Matt Cannaday claims to be a college football fan, he said “They have all been blowouts recently.”

In the past five years, the average difference in score of the College Football Championships is 20.6 points, that’s nearly three scores. Where as the past 5 Super Bowl scores have had an average difference of 9.8, with the past two years being decided by a field goal. This sort of excitement is nothing you can get in college football. In fact, the most excitement in college football comes from watching intoxicated college students perform dumb stunts during the tailgates.

Tomorrow alone, there will be over 65 college football games played between over 130 teams within the hours of noon and 10pm. It is impossible to follow along and keep track of those games. The NFL keeps it easy with a game on Thursday night, 14 on Sunday (including Sunday Night Football), and then one on Monday.

If you’re wondering who to watch this fall go for the pros, because let’s face it, the only people who truly pay attention to college football are Highschool athletes who are about to get their hopes crushed when they don’t get in, gamblers, and alumni who are stuck in the past and way to prideful about their school.

NCAA – Luke Spencer

With September looming, the entire nation is gearing up for another football season. This Saturday, the majority of college football teams will kick off, with millions tuning in both in person and on T.V. With pro football beginning next Thursday, I’ll tell you why college football is more entertaining than NFL.

To me, there’s just nothing better than being on a college campus on a Saturday in fall. Between the tailgates, the student sections, band, fight songs, and the games themselves, there is so much to do even for kids that know nothing about football. Students that don’t care about the games can go to the games and still have fun. Others agree with my statement. Religion teacher and lifelong Notre Dame football fan Mr. Matt Cannaday said, “There’s no NFL environment better than any college football environment.”

Even if you can’t go to a game, there is still a lot to do on a college football Saturday. If you want to, you can watch something to do with college football from 9:00 a.m. to almost midnight. The day starts with College Gameday in the morning, which is one of the greatest shows ever made. Then you go straight to the 12:00 games, then to the 3:00 games, then to the evening games. 

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Another great thing about college football is that there are always good games on. You can flip between games at all times and there is almost always a close game that’s worth watching. Towards the end of the year is when the games really matter. The teams vying for a spot in the College Football Playoff need to dominate every game in order to reach their goal. Any team can lose at any time, and no one truly knows what the outcome of any game will be. Senior Max Lindner said, “Every game matters in college. Even one loss can ruin your season.” 

There’s just something different about college football. It means more to the fans, the players and the universities themselves. Nothing can compare. 


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Luke Spencer, Executive Editor, Sports Editor
Luke Spencer is a senior in his fourth year on the Irish Connection staff. He serves as the sports editor and executive editor. Luke plays on the varsity football and baseball teams. He lives in Carmel with his parents, his three sisters and his dog.
Roch Egan, Reporter

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