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Face Off Friday: Barbenheimer

Roch Egan and Caroline Schilling tackle the hottest debate of the summer; Barbie or Oppenheimer

Caroline Schilling – Barbie

“Barbie is all these women. And all these women are Barbie.” A concept that seems as small as a plastic doll just recently took over the world of cinematic films and life as a woman. At the time of this release also came a new recognized film, Oppenheimer. However, Barbie is the perfect movie to be released at this time in our world. 

A movie rooted in the importance of women and women empowerment is exactly what was needed. When I went to see Barbie, I did not have the understanding that it would not be similar to previous Barbie films which are rooted in the lives of these dolls, but rather it serves as a reflection and interpretation of the difference between Barbie world and the real world. Greater, it shows the flaws of our current society and the impacts the world has on women. 

Senior Julia Morrell has seen both Barbie and Oppenheimer. She agrees that Barbie is stronger and has a greater impact on society. She said, “The two movies both show very important aspects of life, Oppenheimer showing human empathy and guilt despite great power, and Barbie demonstrating the reality of life as a woman. I liked Barbie more due to the more lighthearted nature and the intense but amazingly accurate depiction of feminism, misogyny, and control.”

While both movies reflect great importance and show a greater understanding of worldwide events, Barbie speaks to a greater audience and creates the possibility for change. For me, there is no other movie that greater presents the complications of the “real world” today than the Barbie movie.

Roch Egan – Oppenheimer

The seventh most profitable box office movie so far this year, is also the movie that was released in at least 500 less movie theaters than its competitors. The Oppenheimer community has made their stand in having a movie to be noticed in 2023. Whilst all other movies featured above Oppenheimer on the list have already well known characters, such as Mario, Barbie, The Little Mermaid… I could go on. Christopher Nolan established his film as an independent stand alone movie that doesn’t need to mooch off of well known brands to achieve success.

I watched the movie opening weekend with my brothers, the three hour long spectacle was a masterpiece to behold. It strayed from the “instant gratification” societal norm of 30 second Tik-Tik videos, and kept me engaged with inner philosophical questions throughout the film. Although the movie was focused on a literal bomb, it was more than just the typical unintellectual action films which we so often see making billions of dollars at the box office.

Unlike Barbie, Oppenheimer had no political biases attached, and allowed ALL viewers to watch the movie without feeling targeted by the writers. Barbie’s hypocritical theme of “Women Can’t Succeed” was disproved by their own movie which in the top 15 paid stars of the movie 10 of them were women. 

Of the 10 friends I asked who went to see the Barbie film, both males and females, 8 of them commented that their favorite parts had to do with the comedic aspects of the film. Meaning people just left with a laugh and no moral or intellectual impact. 

This poll has ended.

Face Off Friday: Barbenheimer


Sorry, there was an error loading this poll.

“Despite its extremely fast pacing, I found myself struggling to stay awake.” Senior Wyatt Watson said about his experience, “I mean, my sister made me take her.” 

Hold up wait… these numbers are skewed by poor ‘ol dads, husbands, boyfriends and brothers who were forced to purchase tickets to see possibly the worst chick-flick of all time. From a movie that’s trailer claimed, “If you hate Barbie, this movie is for you.” It failed!

If you want to watch a movie which will challenge your understanding of the world and history, excite you, leave you awestruck and possibly break your eardrums, go watch Oppenheimer. And if you want to watch a funny movie, with relatable, real world struggles, good acting and a well delivered plot… go watch Mean Girls.

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Caroline Schilling, Executive Editor
Caroline Schilling is the Megaphone Executive Editor and a Cathedran photographer. She has been on Megaphone staff since her freshman year. Caroline is a member of the Class of 2024. Also at Cathedral, she is a girls basketball manager and is heavily involved in KassieKares.
Roch Egan, Reporter

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