More Than Just a Daisy

Cathedral’s School Nurse received the highest honor a nurse can receive from Community Health Network.


The daisy on Marianne’s badge is the highest honor one can receive.

Marianne Vogt has been the school nurse at Cathedral for only a few years as the end of this school year will complete her third year on The Hill. To say she has been around for a while, though, is an understatement. Marianne graduated from Cathedral High School in 1986. 

After graduating from Cathedral, Vogt started went on to Purdue University. Vogt ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Being a nurse definitely needs patience, let alone being a nurse in a high school. She explained, “I always wanted to be a nurse and work with kids”.

The nurse’s office is located next to the MIMMS gymnasium.

Before working at Cathedral she worked at Riley Hospital for several years. After Riley, she worked at Hamilton Southeastern High School. When the world shut down due to the Covid-19 virus she worked for Community Hospital, but as schools started to open back up she applied for the nurse job at Cathedral and earned the job.

Vogt wanted to work at Cathedral “because it was such a big part of my life having graduated from here”.  As most know, Cathedral promises a family and “I am still friends with so many of my classmates because Cathedral is a part of you forever”. Vogt also explained that “after working in the public school system for many years, I am so happy to be able to be in a school where we can celebrate Mass and freely express our faith. There is a huge difference between being part of a Catholic community.”

Everyone has a favorite Cathedral memory, Vogts’s favorite memory is when the mask mandate was lifted, “Dr. Bridges made the announcement and I got to see peoples faces for the first time since I began working here!” This was definitely a core memory for many teachers here on The Hill, especially to the new ones. A lot of the new teachers didn’t even fully know what their students looked like. 

Most recently Vogt won the Daisy Award. Izzy Gonzales ‘24 nominated Vogt about 4 months ago. “I shared how Mrs. V helped me in times where I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up again. She truly has become a safe space for me and always keeps an eye out for me” said Izzy. The Daisy Award is an award that is given to nurses when their patients or co-workers send in a story about a nurse who has made a difference in their lives. The Daisy Award is an international program started by a patient’s family many years ago to recognize nurses around the world. Izzy took this opportunity with her own hands and decided to write all about how Vogt has impacted her. Izzy only heard a brief explanation about what the Daisy Award is before she started writing. “I thought it was a great way to really acknowledge her for all she does,” Izzy explained. 

Marianne is beloved by her students, and thanks to a letter from a student, she was given her award.

This is a great accomplishment, and many students have expressed how much love they have for Nurse Vogt. Mary Murphy ‘25 said, “Miss Nurse continues to show positive energy and is always able to make me laugh. She is super passionate about what she does and almost always has the answer that I am looking for”. 

If you haven’t had the chance to stop by and congratulate Mrs. Vogt, you definitely should. She may impact you just like she does many students.