Face Off Friday: The Long Weekend. Travel or Stay Home?

Senior Allison Pea and Junior Caroline Schilling discuss a three day weekend and whether it is better to travel somewhere or just stay home.

Stay Home – Allison Pea

Ahh, President’s Day! The time of year where students get Mondays off so they can “celebrate” the former president’s lives. However, for most of us, it just means a three day weekend. Some of us spend these precious days off driving to God knows where, to do God knows what while the rest of us, spend them relaxing. AS! WE! SHOULD!

From the itineraries to the packing, traveling is incredibly time consuming and stress inducing. Students are among the most stressed people in the world and for good reason, so why would we go through all of the trouble of having to travel just to unnecessarily add to our stress? It seems ludicrous to spend all that time planning just to have maybe two whole days in another state.

I mean seriously, what are you going to do with two days in Michigan? Besides, it’s not like you can travel very far to a state you would actually want to go to like Colorado or California (no offense to the aforementioned state of Michigan, I’m sure that y’all are beautiful). However, if you decide to travel far and wide, you lose even more time that could be spent binging the newest episodes of your favorite shows like Wednesday and eating amazing foods like popcorn.

Traveling is just not worth wasting the limited time people have off. In my personal opinion, that time could be better spent doing what Americans do best: sitting on the couch, watching tv, and stuffing our faces. It’s not what your doctor would recommend, but Americans are famous for it so, we might as well do it. It’s such a waste to be globally known for being lazy and not taking advantage of it.

Anyways, while the rest of you are off to Chicago or wherever, I’ll be distressing in true Alex Russo of Wizards of Waverly Place fame by gluing myself to the couch so I can watch Superstore and stuff my face in peace. Just be smart and save the vacations for the long breaks. 


Travel – Caroline Schilling

President’s Day and a long week is approaching. That means, time to travel! 

Three day weekends provide the perfect opportunity to escape the freezing weather. Especially, President’s Day weekend. With the start of the new year and the tireless months of January and February, this long weekend is the most ideal time to escape and relax. 

Long weekend travel fulfills the urge to get out. Why be stuck in the house when you have the opportunity to go somewhere? Even if it is not far, long weekends are the perfect time to fulfill the desire to travel. These weekends also provide the most ideal time to accomplish college visits. 

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Long Weekend Travel


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These visits are commonly a reason for missing school, which is counted as an excused absence. However, this does not mean the work is excused. Just as any other absence, you are required to make up that work within a specific amount of time from the day missed. This reason alone is enough to convince someone to travel without the added stress of schoolwork. Personally, I will be traveling to Indiana University on President’s Day and will not have to worry about missing school to do so!

The hustle and bustle of the winter months can be taxing on many. Therefore, the long weekends are the perfect time to escape the troubles and stress, all while not missing anything from school or other aspects. For those who dislike missing school and making up their work, consider this long weekend as the perfect time to travel, with no consequences!

So what are you waiting for? This long weekend and others provide students with the ability to travel!