FACE OFF: For or Against the New 4-Day Schedule


Caroline Schilling and Liam Eiffert face off on the new 4-day schedule.

Against – Liam Eiffert

The constant switching of daily schedules was due in some part to disruptions from Covid-19. Those changes were understandable, reacting to a worldwide pandemic, but the school has stuck to this curious habit well past the age of mandatory masking and distance learning. The rationale for the latest schedule change is teachers requesting more instruction time, and more frequent classes. This isn’t, by itself, a bad reason. Any change that might increase the quality of education is welcome. But was the schedule last year really so bad as to invite another overhaul? Has the administration made the perfect the enemy of the good?

It’s easy to dismiss these concerns by questioning what harm they could really bring. After all, it’s often said that true progress comes in small increments, as stepping stones to a larger goal. It is also true, however, that stability is important for good teaching. Maybe the concerns with last year’s schedule could have been remedied had teachers had the chance to adjust their plans for it. The administration would perhaps do well to consider not only the ideal theoretical schedule, but also a practical real one for the reality of high school.

None of this is meant to discount the hard work done to determine the scheduling direction the school has gone in, but I remain unconvinced that there was no better use of time than reorganizing ours.

In favor of – Caroline Schilling

Some may argue that one more class a day causes more struggles, but I believe this is a strong and helpful change. It gives students and teachers the opportunity to meet with their class more often, which is a positive. However, some students have noticed an increase in their workload or homework. I do not think this is the case, as we are usually given a good amount of time during the day to work on what we know we need to do at home that night. It is all based on the student, time management is a key factor with the new schedule and will allow success. 

Do you like or dislike the new 4-day schedule?


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This new schedule allows a later start time and allows for the same release time, which is another positive. I believe that since we are able to meet with six classes a day and have our original times, it’s all around a positive. 

Aside from the students’ opinions of the schedule, teachers have also been able to appreciate the change. They had originally wanted a four day schedule, so this change is in favor of all. 

The complications that may come with the schedule are based on the students. Time management and work ethic is the most important contributor to the change of schedule. Being aware of the change and possible increase in workload will affect your learning. Overall, I believe that this is a strong schedule and has the potential to help students and teachers as it provides them with more opportunities.