Picture Day Retakes

Picture Day retakes will be offered for any students needing to take or retake their school picture.


A flyer with information about this day can be found in “This Week On the Hill”.

Picture retakes are offered on October 25 and will take place throughout the school day. This will be day 4 of the 4-day schedule, which might affect some students trying to get a retake. If there are problems with availability for retakes, email Mrs. Seager, Cathedral English and Yearbook teacher, at [email protected] .

Students should adhere to Christian modesty when dressing up for retakes. Seniors should dress in their Sunday best. Additionally, students who are taking retakes must change back into their school uniforms after the picture. 

Retakes are offered to all students, not just ones who missed the previous picture day. 

“All students are eligible for a retake, even if they already got their photo taken. So, they can go in and get it redone if they didn’t like their first one” said Mrs. Seager. 

Students can order their pictures at inter-state.com/order with the code 68840XB.