Work continues at Kelly Hall main entrance

Project should be completed by Nov. 5, coordinator says


Caroline Schilling

Scaffolding should be removed from the main entrance by Nov. 5.

Since the beginning of construction, there have been closures throughout campus. Now, the main entrance into the Innovation Center has been partially closed. 

Facilities and technology coordinator Mrs. Gara Schommer says there is what she called “a lot of pressure” to get the door working again, as it serves as the main entrance to Kelly Hall for students, staff, visitors and deliveries. Both doors 2 and 4 have been used for this purpose during construction. 

The closure is for the construction company, Envoy, to clean and replace the windows and doors and to power wash the stone. This had been planned before Open House, but timing was an issue, resulting in the closure happening now. 

The door was completely inaccessible during the last week in October, and during the first week of November there is a scaffold to walk under in order to enter the building. This has affected deliveries, and signs have been changed during the closure. However, the welcome desk has not been relocated. 

Schommer said the door and entrance will be fully finished and ready to use again on Nov. 5.