Fall sports update: Men’s tennis


Jonas Hollis

Assistant Coach Mr. Cole Hepp gives directions to the men’s tennis team at the regular season match at Noblesville.

The men’s tennis team finished the season with an 8-7 record after facing one of the toughest schedules in the state. The highlights of their season included a City championship and a victory against Brebeuf Jesuit, which was ranked 16th in the state at the time. The team finished their season with a loss to North Central in the Sectional. 

Junior Sam Black and senior Fisher Van Rooy had standout seasons as the Numbers 2 and 3 singles players. Black finished with a record of 16-3, while Van Rooy wrapped up his season with 13 wins and five loses.  

Team goals: According to Head Coach Mr. Jeff Giles, “The boys’ tennis team met all of the season goals by ending the season with a winning record, improving from the beginning of the season and winning the City championship.”

From Coach Giles: “The team had another successful season again playing one of the toughest schedules in the state. The boys ended the season with a winning record and won the City championship. All of the guys showed improvement throughout the season and were playing their best tennis at the end of the season. We started the year playing seven different line-ups in the first seven matches due to players being out sick or due to injuries. Finally, I am most proud of the varsity team for earning a combined average GPA of 3.95.”