The library is a library once again

No longer a classroom, facility is open from 7:30 to 4:30


Caroline Schilling

Mrs. Jennifer Herron can now welcome students back to the library this year.

The library is a well known place on campus for hanging out and studying. For the 2020-21 school year, it was transformed into a classroom, used on a daily basis by Sr. Mary Ann Stewart and other instructors during her planning period.

This year, it is not being utilized as a classroom; rather, it is fulfilling its job of a library again.

Mrs. Jennifer Herron serves as the school’s librarian, and she is proud to say that the library is back open. She is excited to be able to talk with students again after a year of distancing and making sure interactions were both limited and six feet apart. Herron, who is also a member of the school’s Student Innovation Team, said, “It’s so much fun talking to students about stories, books, and the beauty of reading.” 

This year the library is open on school days from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Herron encourages students to use it before, during and after school. The times to come are before and after school and during a resource period, if you are given a pass from a teacher.

Last year Covid had a major effect on the library’s daily operation. For instance, Herron had to quarantine the books that were checked out, clean the entire facility frequently and make sure the desks and other equipment were spread out. Herron said, “We had to go by the state mandates of distanced desks.” She mentioned how much the administration worked to make space for these classrooms. She said, “Safety was Number 1, and we did whatever it took to make this library into a classroom.”

Herron described the reopening as a “totally positive (thing),” as it allows for students, teachers and other staff members to collaborate as they have in previous years. For example, the English department has instituted programs such as Read Like a Champion. 

A typical day at the library is busy, with students and staff entering and exiting all of the time. A normal day begins at 7:30 with students waiting outside the library doors for Herron’s arrival to let them in. Closer to the start of school, students crowd the library printing, reading, finishing up homework and meeting with friends. Toward the end of the day, students wait in the library for their rides. They are able to stay in the library until 4:30.

For students new to the school, or for those who may have forgotten, Herron issued a reminder that their library card number is just an email away. Fire off a message to [email protected] and she said she will send your library card information.

Editor’s note: Reporter Lilly Art contributed to this story.