Cathedral prepares to celebrate its 103rd birthday

Students will attend all eight of their classes


Cathedran file photo

On Sept. 15, the school will celebrate the 103rd anniversary of its founding.

Sept. 13, 1918 is an important day here on the Hill, as that day marks the founding of Cathedral High School. This year, the annual birthday celebration will take place on Sept. 15.

Mrs. Shannon Braun, who serves as the academics operations manager, works with other teachers and administrators such as Ms. Ashley Hill and Mrs. Carrie O’Brien to help make these decisions and plans. Braun wrote in an email, “It was a joint effort. (Ms.) Ashley Hill brought together the principal, our advancement team and campus ministry to combine our efforts to ensure we recognize Cathedral’s birthday. It is a big deal, and we love to continue the tradition to celebrate our amazing school.”

Typically the birthday celebration involves a day of service. However, Covid has changed the ways of celebrating. This year there will be an all-school Mass and a special schedule. Braun wrote, “With Covid still a factor, we could not safely do this, not to mention many agencies have their own Covid policies and would not be able to accommodate so many students at once. However, the administration feels it is still important to celebrate our birthday, so came up with some alternative ways.”

All students and staff will attend Mass on Sept. 15.

She stresses the importance of celebrating the birthday, just as you would celebrate a family member’s birthday. Braun wrote, “We will have a special schedule in which all classes meet.  While there will be some academic time, and each class will also have an activity that helps share our history and traditions or provide some sort of service.”

Being able to celebrate the birthday as an entire school is special. Braun wrote, “Our birthday gives us the chance to not only look back with gratitude in our hearts, but it is also a time to look forward with hope and zeal. Celebrating our birthday impacts us all because it is a wonderful reminder of how special Cathedral really is.”