Face Off: The new lanyard policy is spot on


Caroline Schilling

Each year, the lanyard colors get passed down from the outgoing seniors. Now, the changed policy enforces each student to have their lanyard whenever they are on campus during the school year, and no more stickers will be distributed as a safety concern. This is a good idea and can ensure that the students on our campus can stay safe and be found. 

Principal Mrs. Julie Barthel mentioned this new policy in our weekly student newsletter, “This Week on the Hill.” In previous school years, administrators would distribute a temporary school ID, known as a sticker. Barthel wrote, “This year we will be enforcing a new policy for the safety of our school in which every student must wear a lanyard every day. We will no longer give stickers to students who have forgotten/misplaced their lanyards as they do not meet our school’s safety needs and security protocols.

“If a student comes to school without their lanyard of identification, they will be required to report to the technology office, where they will be issued a new lanyard and their account will be charged $10 each time.”

This new policy is a great idea. It is not safe to have a large number of students able to walk around campus as they please, with no way of tracking them. The sticker did not provide a safety aspect. Rather, the adhesive strips just held the place of the forgotten lanyard for the day. Charging students will encourage them to bring their lanyard with them everyday. 

Barthel also wrote, “Being an open campus, it is imperative that students be properly and promptly identified and can access doors as needed.” 

With this new policy, teachers are able to identify students and students have their own privileges.