At-home students encouraged to take finals on campus

Administrators and teachers provide options for exams


Megaphone file photo

Vice Principal Mr. Mark Matthews explained the rationale for all classes meeting on Oct. 14.

Teachers and administrators are in the process of scheduling second semester finals for those students who have remained at home during the entire school year.

Vice President for Academics Mr. Mark Matthews works with the staff to decide the schedule for these students. He wrote in an email, “It’s pretty simple, really. We encourage homebound students to come to campus to take the final exams if they and their families believe they can do so safely. If not, we ask teachers to provide those students with an alternative exam or project that can be done online.”

Freshman Joshua Barlow was one of the students who chose to remain at home for the entire year. He wrote in an email, “Me and my parents thought it would be smarter. I also have asthma so if I got Covid, it may be worse.”

He also wrote that he would like to take his finals online. He said he misses the social aspect of being on campus. He finds the easiest part of being online of having no commute and he does not have to wake up early to get ready, but Barlow noted that maintaining a social life was a challenge. He also explained that he is glad that he made the decision to be home all year.