National Honor Society inducts new members

Attendance at ceremony is limited to students


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New members of the National Honor Society participated in the induction ceremony on April 11 in the Welch Activity Center.

The National Honor Society induction ceremony took place on April 11 in the Welch Activity Center, with changes put in place to abide by the health guidelines for Covid-19.

Math teacher Mrs. Lisa Ford and assistant director for enrollment management Mrs. Elizabeth Wissler serve as the NHS faculty co-moderators.

Ford wrote in an email, “The ceremony is planned by Mrs. Wissler and myself, but we have the assistance of the technology team, the facilities team, (multimedia specialist) Mr. Tyler McClure and (assistant to the principal) Mrs. Shannon Braun. The ceremony wouldn’t be possible without the help of our wonderful teachers. Most important, we rely on the help of our faculty selection committee, which is a small group of teachers who spend a lot of time considering the potential membership of students in light of the pillars of the organization (of) service, character, leadership and scholarship.”

Class of 2021

Those inducted from the Class of 2021 include Madison Ackley, Ava Amos, Ana Cristina Arce Ramirez, Victoria Basile, Nyla Bingham, Toby Bradshaw, Rhiannon Braeger, Kyleigh Braun, Caroline Buhner, Lia Burnell, Lily Butler, Lilly Cadwell, Sarah Casper, Megan Cerar, Caroline Cline, Kevin Collins, Lucia Corsaro, Bella Dausman, Grace Delgado, Michelle Dominguez-Molona, Abygail Dravis, Lauren Dubbink, Maddie Elson, Lauren Evanseck, Matthew Fiedeldey, Mia Finn, Katelyn Flood, Maura Flood, Connor Gianoli, Claire Griffin, Ben Hanchar, Carson Haug, Hadley Hendricks, Nate Hillenburg, Rose Hittle, Aris Inkrott, Kendall Jones and Dejah Janae Jones-Moore;

Also, Caroline Kiefer, Anne Marie King, Jack Kleck, Emma Kress, Tom Kress, Laura Lackey, Jack Larch, Jacob Lo, Eliana Macadaeg, Ethan Marasco, Andrew Marcou, Kimberleigh Mattingly, Eilyn Mayo, Meghan McCarthy, Kieran McCauley, Troix McClendon, Corinne Melloh, Isaac Michael, Claire Miller, Sarah Muldoon, TJ O’Brien, Alexis Parchman, Will Phillips, Kaylah Pitts, Taylor Prince, Jessie Quadrini, Lloyd Sage, Roman Sally, Corinna Schilling, Ellie Schnur, Anna Shea, Samantha Spellacy, William Teasley, Brooklyn Thorpe, Katie Timble, Monica Ugo, Morgan Vukovits, Terrin Wagner, Whitney Walton, Erika Weed, Mae Whitlock and Ann Zhou.

Class of 2022

Those inducted from the Class of 2022 were Kelsey Bailey, Erica Barnhisel, Nicholas Bassi, Anna Beloat, Andrew Berry, Reid Betner, Nick Bozzelli-Levine, Katherine Bremer, Jeanna Brown, Lendon Byram, Lauren Caldwell, Benjamin Cho, Lillian Coble, Abigail Coe, Jerren Conway, Arianna Darling, Amelia DeSanto, Oliver Devera, Paige Emkow, Kennedy Fahle, Nicholas Feczko, Kiersten Fisher, Grace Foster, Lane Fowler, Nicholas Fox, Audrey Gerdts, Benjamin Gomez, Michael Greene, Ella Griffin, Andrew Hahn, Grayson Harvey, Jacob Hasbrook and Dylan Haslett;

Also, Allison Hedrick, Curtis Heisserer, Luke Hern, Joseph Hayward, Jonas Hollis, Ayrton Houk, Carson Hruskoci, Daniel Hughes, Lillian (Grace) Jarrett, Julia Jennings, Chase Johnson, Sophia Kemp, Milani Kimble, Andrew Kinder, Cooper Koers, John Koppin, John Kraege, Caroline Kubacki, Anthony Kwiatkowski, William Lashenik, Savannah Leaman, Elle Lewis, Bryce Llewellyn, Christian Lo, Kylee Lucas, Michael Lupke, Louden Maciag, Isabella Makara, Grace Malarney, Camille Malasto, Alexis Mattingly, Hagan McClelland, Hudson Miller, Kelsey Moore, Samuel Neale, Hannah Nguyen, Michael Page, Avrie Plunkitt, Janiah Reese, Nicholas Rodecap and Abigail Rotz;

Also, Joel Russell, Hillary Sams, Luke Schild, Olivia Schiler, Allison Schneider, Patricia Schneider, Steven Schnur, John Sheddy, Parker Spellacy, Grace Stagge, Quinn Sweeney, Jeff Utzinger, Fisher Van Rooy, Jennifer Ventura Barcenas, Jack Wajda, Drake Welch, Tatyana West, Alexander Wright and Jasmine Zimmer.

Due to Covid, only students were able to attend the ceremony. However, the event was live streamed on Twitch for friends and family.