Students encouraged to check lost and found

Electronics are the most frequent item turned in

Mrs. Angela McGruder shows off one of the many items waiting for their owner in lost and found.

Caroline Schilling

Mrs. Angela McGruder shows off one of the many items waiting for their owner in lost and found.

Lost and found is a busy place on campus, with items coming in around three to four times a week. Types of items vary, as does the eventual as pickup time by the owner.

Attendance specialist and student services assistant Mrs. Angela McGruder has items turned in to her in the Student Services Suite, which is located on the first floor of Kelly Hall. When an item is dropped off, she often sends an email to students and staff with a picture of the item.

The most common items have changed over time, with electronics being the most frequent, and more specifically, iPhones, AirPods and Apple pencils. McGruder said, “It’s usually easier if (the owner comes in) before I send out the email.” She said that typically for Apple items, she will send out a general email to students and staff.

Typically, more valuable items will get picked up sooner, as people realize they are missing. However, the items will be held in the suite for about a semester before they are donated but typically, the owner is able to be tracked down before that donation occurs.

In an email she sent on April 7, she wrote, “Stop by the Attendance/Student Services Office if these belong to you!” She also included a picture of the missing item. McGruder says it is about what she called “50/50” for teachers and students losing items.

She also said she finds the pickup process interesting, as some people do not realize that they lost their item. She said, “It’s the weirdest thing. Usually the people who actually come to look for something in the lost and found, a lot of times their stuff isn’t even here. But the people who don’t, the stuff just sits here.”