Religion teacher: When one hurts, we all hurt

Kasberg notes Biblical references to grief and grieving


The recent unfortunate and tragic passing of senior Jonathon Knoll has brought to light how to help others when grieving.

As everyone on the Hill mourns this loss, it’s important to know how to be there for one another especially from a theological and spiritual perspective. Religion teacher Mrs. Cece Kasberg ’83 said, “We are a Cathedral family, and when one person is hurting, that affects the rest of the family.”

When grieving one may not know the people directly affected personally but there is still a way to show support. “You don’t need to actually know Jonathon or (his sister) Chelsea to have empathy,” Kasberg said.

Many people deal with grief differently. Depending on the respective, the advice given to those grieving can differ. From a theological perspective, prayer becomes a key component of the grieving process.

The Bible has many examples for those who need help dealing with loss. For example, there are verses that show the reasoning behind grief and the ways to deal with it. “The Bible gives plenty of examples of those who have suffered,” Kasberg said.

Being in this situation could bring a range of emotions, whether that is anger, sadness or confusion. However, these emotions can allow us to turn to God for help, which Kasberg described as what she called “an opportunity to draw closer to God.”

Along with this heartbreaking event, 2020 has come with many other troubles making grieving even more challenging. Kasberg said, “Grieving in the pandemic is hard.”

She noted that grieving the loss of a loved one is especially difficult during Covid. Kasberg said, “We need to remain socially distanced at a time when people really want to show their support by hugging.”