On-campus food pantry available for students

Resources are accessible despite switch to eLearning


Cathedran file photo

The Santa’s Nook food pantry, which is located in the advancement office on the first floor of Kelly Hall, is accessible to students even during online instruction.

The campus food pantry, St. Nick’s Nook, remains available for those who may need it, despite classes being online through the end of the semester and the first two weeks of January.

There is a temporary location located in the advancement office, and to receive food, an appointment needs to be made, as there are no set hours currently.

Director of Philanthropic Engagement Mrs. Jean Smith ‘97 encourages those who need it to reach out and visit the pantry. “The food pantry that is now known as St. Nick’s Nook is fully operational even though we are eLearning,” Smith said. She added that students who wish to to visit the food pantry should email her at [email protected] to arrange a date and time. 

As of now, staff is ensuring that people are able to access the pantry, and in the future, students will be allowed to volunteer and receive service hours. “If students need access to the pantry, they just let (the advancement staff) know, and then we can allow them in to get what they need. When we are back in school, then there will be more of an opportunity to have students volunteer,” she said. 

Items from the canned food drive and donations from the student fundraiser helped to stock the pantry. “(Need) really varies from day to day, so any student that is in need can have access to the food that is there,” Smith said. 

She encourages those who need the food to use the pantry and to reach out. Smith said, “There is a need in our school, and we are really blessed to meet that need. No one should be fearful or ashamed using it. It’s there for anyone who needs it.”