WiFi and printing issues have been addressed

Tech director shares how he and his staff made changes


Caroline Schilling

During passing period on Nov. 4, a student logs in to the copier in the library to complete a printing job. Issues with WiFi and printing have been solved over the course of the last few days.

On campus, WiFi and printing have been a problem since the beginning of the year. Now, new companies and new resources have been found to fix these problems. 

Director of Technology Mr. Brian Haselby, along with the rest of the tech staff,  has worked on fixing these issues. They have seen numerous problems ranging from eLearning to WiFi and printing.

Some problems have been resolved, while others are still in the process of being fixed. 

“There’s WiFi issues and there’s printing issues. The WiFi issues started out as one problem and turned into a different problem. The printing issues were caused by the fix from the vendor for the WiFi issue,” Haselby said. The WiFi vendor that helped fix these problems is the Brookfield Group and the company that helped with printing is PaperCut. 

Teachers have said that they have had problems with AirPlay being glitchy, which was the cause for the need to fix the issues. There were difficulties pairing iPads, so a WiFi vendor upgraded the school WiFi. “All of the WiFi issues we had after that related to what the WiFi vendor was trying to do to help us fix the printing problem,” Haselby said.

Before these complications occurred, virtual learners and teachers experienced troubles with the streaming network, EduStream. Technology officials and other school officials spent their time this summer setting up EduStream to ensure that it was smooth for the school year. Although there were issues with EduStream, Haselby said these issues have been resolved. 

“I think we have been struggling with it going on three weeks now,” Haselby said at the end of October. Solutions to these problems will allow for students and teachers to use the WiFi and print again. 

In the midst of fixing the printing issue, technology set up direct printing devices in the teachers’ lounges to allow for educators to directly connect their devices to allow them to print. Hasleby said, “Printing was available, it was just not as easy as it was before.”

Students are now able to use the campus printing more efficiently and the WiFi has also become more advanced. Haselby said, “What we came up with for the solution to solve printing on campus is now more efficient than the old way that we used to print. Not only does it solve our problem that we had, it makes us run better.”