Art Club announces annual photo contest

Top three winners will receive gift cards, Greene says


The Art Club is holding its annual campus photo content.

Mrs. Sara Greene sent an email to all students on Sept. 28 touching on the details of the new contest, “On the Hill.” The email included all the details as well as a flyer. She wrote. “All students are welcome to participate, in person and eLearning students alike.”

Judges and others are asking for photos to be submitted that show life on the Hill and in classrooms and other places around campus. She also wrote, “Look beyond the masks and construction mess and look at the beauty that surrounds you.” 

The judges for this photo contest include Ms. Joellen Desautels, Mr. Tony Willis and Mrs. Maribeth Cloud ’86. Students are to email their entries to Greene by Oct. 30. The top eight that are chosen by the judges will be put on display in the admissions office. 

First place winner will receive a $25 gift card, second place $15, and third place $10. 

She also wrote, “What should be submitted? Photos of life on the Hill, in the hallways, in the labs, in the classrooms, on the fields, on the courts,. The leaves are beginning to change and the campus is looking beautiful.”